The Afterburner Solution
for Responsible Roasting

"We live in an age when business owners and consumers must put equal importance on ethical business practices, environmental responsibility and product value.

As the roasting industry continues to grow, there's a similar expectation within each roasting community for roasters to use equipment that is reliable, environmentally-responsible, and economically competitive.

Designed specifically for roasters, The Smoke Dog is an afterburner that offers roasters a clear environmental and economical advantage in the roasting process.

Smoke Dog afterburners remove all visible smoke and odor produced through roasting.

Backed by a 25 year history of unsurpassed excellence and reliability, The Smoke Dog has been built to achieve optimum results and focus on what you want to do the most – make a great roast.

We invite you to learn more about The Smoke Dog afterburner, the inspiring history behind it, and how you can adopt it into your roasting family."


Steve Panz, President of Inproheat Industries