The Inproheat Industries display for the Smoke Dog Afterburner at the 2017 Global Specialty Coffee Expo.

It’s an exciting time for Inproheat Industries and the Smoke Dog afterburner.

For the second year in a row, Inproheat representatives attended the Specialty Coffee Association of America Global Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle, Washington.

This event brings together all corners of the coffee industry to interact in a welcoming environment.

New Opportunities for Inproheat

The 2017 SCAA Global Specialty Coffee Expo was the first opportunity for Inproheat to present its Smoke Dog afterburner technology through its own dedicated booth. As such, the company shared the concept and history of the Smoke Dog afterburner. Inproheat described the efficient features of The Smoke Dog and international client testimonials with coffee roasters, industry thought leaders, and trade publications that cater to the coffee industry.

Overwhelming Support

Inproheat’s Smoke Dog afterburner presentations earned overwhelming support from attendees at the SCAA Global Specialty Coffee Expo. Coffee roasters were especially impressed with the tried and true solutions that Smoke Dog afterburners can offer. The wide compatibility and international compliance of Smoke Dog afterburners was also positively received. As an added bonus, environmentally-conscious roasters were very pleased by Inproheat’s presentation of its Recuperative Smoke Dog Afterburner. This new model features our GreenCycle heat recovery bank technology – another innovative milestone for Inproheat – which offers higher energy efficiency and savings for roasters.

Looking to the Future

In conclusion, the 2017 SCAA Global Specialty Coffee Expo proved to be successful for Inproheat Industries. As a company, we learned from the people in the coffee industry while those in attendance learned from us. As the coffee industry moves ahead with increased technology and innovation, Inproheat is a key player. So what’s next? While the industry evolution continues, the Smoke Dog afterburner will be taking more exciting steps forward.

Do you want an afterburner for your coffee roasting operation? Get in touch with us!

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Coffee Roasters at the 2016 Roasters Guild Retreat

Inproheat Industries prides itself on forming strong relationships with coffee roasters. Our first Smoke Dog afterburner, created for Bean Around the World, introduced Inproheat to the coffee roasting industry. Since then, we have been giving back through products and industry participation.

Inproheat has been celebrating 25 years of building afterburners by attending some of the industry’s most celebrated events. With that in mind, we were delighted to attend the 2016 Roasters Guild Retreat at the Lake Lawn Resort in beautiful Delavan, Wisconsin.

The Roasters Guild Retreat has been an annual event for over 15 years. It brings out American coffee roasters, Canadian coffee roasters, and international coffee roasters. As a result, new industry connections are made while solutions are explored for handling current industry challenges. Based on that, the retreat offers a combination of educational and social events, providing a balance of learning and fun.

Giving Back to Coffee Roasters

Inproheat sponsored a social keg events at the Roasters Guild Retreat, which gave us a great opportunity to give back to the coffee roasting industry. Since the release of our Smoke Dog afterburner over 25 years ago, Inproheat has emphasized the importance of building strong partnerships with coffee roasters around the world. As a result, our partnerships have continued to grow.

Our attendance at the retreat offered some great industry insights, including a peek at the latest equipment on display. Most of all, it connected us with roasters and thought leaders within the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

Coffee roasting equipment at the 2016 Roasters Guild Retreat

Building Industry Solutions for Coffee Roasters

Coffee roasters face increasing pressure in their roasting operations, especially to reduce visible plume and odour. Due to new restrictions on CO and NOx levels, there is a greater demand for products that can meet these requirements. With that in mind, the Smoke Dog afterburner complies with California’s stringent emission regulations. As a result, it offers peace of mind to roasters and consumers alike.

Inproheat Smokedog Afterburner

Watch for Inproheat at the 2017 Roasters Guild event, where we will be sharing our upcoming innovations for the Smoke Dog.

In conclusion, we’d like to thank the Specialty Coffee Association of America for the opportunity to attend.

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The city of Atlanta

Coffee equipment manufacturers, coffee roasters, and coffee consumers shared the spotlight at the 2016 SCAA Expo in Atlanta, Georgia.

A Place for Expertise and Sustainability

Taking place at the Georgia World Congress Center, the expo took place over a 4-day period. This year’s featured events included product exhibits, lectures and classes, and coffee competitions. Since it’s presented by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, this expo stands as the biggest coffee-related industry event in the world. Ultimately, the expo brings together all corners of the industry in one place with the common goal of sharing knowledge, expertise, and strategies for sustainability.

Continued Industry Evolution

Michael Panz and Myles Panz of Inproheat Industries attended the 2016 SCAA Expo with two key goals. To start with, they wanted to learned what new steps the coffee roasting industry is taking. In addition, they wanted to know the people and companies leading the charge. Ultimately, the expo helped them do just that. They made new industry contacts and learned first-hand about the current state of coffee roasting. Based on these experiences, Inproheat can now clearly define its role in the industry moving forward.

A coffee roasting operation

The Role of Inproheat

Due to the expansion of coffee roasting, Inproheat Industries’ flagship product – the Smoke Dog Afterburner – remains integral to the industry’s sustainability. Specifically designed for coffee roasters, the Smoke Dog removes all traces of smoke and odor through a seamless operation. Furthermore, the Smoke Dog complies with California’s strict environmental regulations, which are internationally-recognized for responsibility and efficiency in the coffee roasting market. As such, new coffee roasters and experienced coffee roasters can invest in the Smoke Dog and improve their operations.

The Smoke Dog Afterburner by Inproheat

Thank you to the Specialty Coffee Association of America for hosting this wonderful event! Next year’s SCAA Expo can’t come soon enough!

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