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Throughout this website, you will find a lot of information about one of Inproheat’s flagship products, The Smoke Dog Afterburner.

For new coffee roasters who are just learning about the process, there is a common question that comes up.

What is an Afterburner?

The basic function of an afterburner is to remove unwanted emissions and odors from a manufacturing operation.

Businesses use afterburners in a variety of industries – not just the coffee industry – to treat emissions through a process called thermal oxidization. It’s worth noting that an afterburner is also commonly referred to as a thermal oxidizer or a T.O. for short.

Coffee roasting produces dark and smoky emissions with a variety of pollutants, many of which – such as VOCs, CO2, NOx, and CO – harm the environment. As a result, these pollutants need proper treatment. Sometimes, these odors can negatively impact coffee roasters and neighboring businesses, which can result in coffee roasters closures due to violations of by-laws and local and state regulations.

An effective afterburner oxidizes the waste gases from roasting – using the combustion process to generate a much cleaner emission. In summary, an afterburner is a pollution control device that allows roasters to comply with environmental regulations without sacrificing the quality of their roast.

How do Afterburners work?

The basic principles of thermal oxidization are three Ts: Time, Temperature, and Turbulence.

Time is critical as pollutants must be held long enough in the combustion chamber to complete full combustion.

The second T – temperature – links directly to adequate smoke and odor removal. In order to achieve this temperature, a gas-fired burner is used. In most cases, coffee roasting smoke begins dissipating at approximately 800-900 degrees Fahrenheit inside the oxidizer. However, the complete oxidization of pungent coffee odor is more challenging and needs a minimum heat of 1250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lastly, the creation of good quality turbulence inside the combustion chamber is crucial. Increased turbulence improves mixing of the pollutants with the combustion air to generate the highest possible afterburner efficiency.

How does the Smoke Dog Afterburner help?

The Smoke Dog Afterburner from Inproheat offers coffee roasters – and those in other industries that require afterburners – a proven solution. Using an innovative design, the Smoke Dog delivers the three Ts of thermal oxidization with powerful efficiency.

The Smoke Dog Afterburner for Coffee Roasters

First, each Smoke Dog model holds pollutants in the combustion chamber long enough for full removal. Our Artisan and Standard models offer an on/off control panel, making this process even simpler for roasters to operate.

Our afterburner models comply with California emission laws – among the strictest in the world. To keep that promise, The Smoke Dog models reach an internal heat of 1250 degrees Fahrenheit, thereby eliminating 99.9% of visible smoke and odor. Optional low NOx burners are also available on our models.

Finally, Inproheat afterburners optimize turbulence during the oxidization process, increasing the efficiency of the overall process. If that’s not enough, the newest Recuperative Smoke Dog afterburner with GreenCycle technology recovers heat while roasting – effectively increasing efficiency and lowering operating costs as a result.

The Smoke Dog afterburner is a must-have for today’s coffee roasters. It lives up to everything that an effective afterburner should be.

Interested in adopting your own Smoke Dog afterburner? Please contact our sales department.

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A rendering of a recuperative afterburner for coffee roasters with GreenCycle technology by Inproheat Industries.

The coffee roasting industry is a community that is known for being environmentally-conscious. In keeping with this philosophy, Inproheat makes a constant effort to create afterburners that carry equal environmental and economic rewards.

At this year’s Specialty Coffee Expo, Inproheat introduced the newest addition to its afterburner family – a recuperative model that uses a new innovation we call GreenCycle. Let’s take a closer look.

The GreenCycle Concept

The original Smoke Dog afterburner was built to remove coffee roasting smoke and odor at the flagship location of Bean Around the World. After more than 200 other roaster installations across North America, the positive results of this afterburner are indisputable. Inproheat’s newest oxidization milestone – GreenCycle – enhances the original model with a new emphasis on heat recovery.

GreenCycle Rewards

Inproheat’s Recuperative Smoke Dog afterburners utilize GreenCycle technology in the form of heat recovery banks. During the roasting process, these banks recover and then reheat roasting exhaust, thereby reducing overall fuel consumption by 60% when compared to traditional afterburners.

Coffee roasters who purchase a recuperative afterburner will see two immediate rewards – lower operating costs and increased efficiency. As a direct result of the reduced overhead, these coffee roasters can invest in other business areas with less burden.

An Exciting Next Step

Inproheat’s recuperative Smoke Dog afterburners appeal primarily to larger coffee roasters, however the variety of configuration options available keeps them versatile across different types of operations. More than anything else, they match well with roasters who want a smaller carbon footprint while maximizing the return on their roasting equipment investments.

For Inproheat, the launch of GreenCycle technology is especially relevant. First of all, it fits in with the environmentally-conscious and efficient history of the Smoke Dog afterburner. Additionally, it marks a new milestone for Inproheat in the coffee roasting industry as a whole.

Are you curious to know more? Learn about GreenCycle technology and Inproheat’s recuperative afterburners by contacting us.

Watch for more updates about this model in the months ahead.

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The Inproheat Industries display for the Smoke Dog Afterburner at the 2017 Global Specialty Coffee Expo.

It’s an exciting time for Inproheat Industries and the Smoke Dog afterburner.

For the second year in a row, Inproheat representatives attended the Specialty Coffee Association of America Global Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle, Washington.

This event brings together all corners of the coffee industry to interact in a welcoming environment.

New Opportunities for Inproheat

The 2017 SCAA Global Specialty Coffee Expo was the first opportunity for Inproheat to present its Smoke Dog afterburner technology through its own dedicated booth. As such, the company shared the concept and history of the Smoke Dog afterburner. Inproheat described the efficient features of The Smoke Dog and international client testimonials with coffee roasters, industry thought leaders, and trade publications that cater to the coffee industry.

Overwhelming Support

Inproheat’s Smoke Dog afterburner presentations earned overwhelming support from attendees at the SCAA Global Specialty Coffee Expo. Coffee roasters were especially impressed with the tried and true solutions that Smoke Dog afterburners can offer. The wide compatibility and international compliance of Smoke Dog afterburners was also positively received. As an added bonus, environmentally-conscious roasters were very pleased by Inproheat’s presentation of its Recuperative Smoke Dog Afterburner. This new model features our GreenCycle heat recovery bank technology – another innovative milestone for Inproheat – which offers higher energy efficiency and savings for roasters.

Looking to the Future

In conclusion, the 2017 SCAA Global Specialty Coffee Expo proved to be successful for Inproheat Industries. As a company, we learned from the people in the coffee industry while those in attendance learned from us. As the coffee industry moves ahead with increased technology and innovation, Inproheat is a key player. So what’s next? While the industry evolution continues, the Smoke Dog afterburner will be taking more exciting steps forward.

Do you want an afterburner for your coffee roasting operation? Get in touch with us!

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