How The Smoke Dog Can Work For You

For more than 50 years, Inproheat Industries has been developing thermal-process, heat and combustion technologies and applications in the oil and gas, pulp and paper, and mining industries.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Inproheat Industries has formed alliances and client relationships with companies from all over the world who value Inproheat's consistent qualities of collaboration, innovation, and craftsmanship.

The Smoke Dog is a proven afterburner engineered with Inproheat's tradition of providing custom, low maintenance and long-lasting products of exceptional quality. When you purchase a Smoke Dog afterburner you get the best engineering support in the industry. We will work with you to develop a fully-optimized system tailored to your needs. 

Built specifically for roasters in the food and beverage industry, The Smoke Dog afterburner offers the same engineering expertise as other Inproheat products through a design that is customized to each individual roasting operation and in compliance with the environmental standards of their location. This allows our roasters to have complete confidence in the quality of the product and keeps the focus on the continued growth and excellence of their product.


The Smoke Dog in Action

A Smoke Dog afterburner at Moja Coffee.

The Smoke Dog is a Proven Solution

  • Choose Durable Epoxy Painted Steel or 304 Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel
  • Exceeds California Low NOx Emissions Requirements
  • CSA and UL Certified with Some Models CE Approved
  • Adapts to All Major Roasters
  • Low Maintenance and Trouble-Free Operation for Years

Smoke Dog installations across North America.

Praise for The Smoke Dog

"Our Inproheat Afterburner has been nothing short of fantastic. Being in a busy residential area of the city we went with the best Oxidizer we could find. The build quality is top notch but the best thing about it is what you don`t see. No smoke, no smell. To top it all off they are are a great bunch to deal with, very professional. Thanks Inproheat!"
- Andrew Wentzel, Owner, Moja Coffee

"Inproheat have been a pleasure to work with. Strong customer service, very professional and great attention to detail. A great product! "
- Andy Wilkin, Co-Founder, Pilot Coffee Roasters

"We have been using Inproheat's oxidizers for around 23 years without any hassle. We were lucky enough to purchase their first-ever oxidizer and have relied on their excellent product and service ever since."
- Jeff Boeda, Chief Roaster, Bean Around the World


A roaster at Bean Around the World.