The Story

The Smoke Dog is the leading afterburner for coffee roasters, boasting the most diverse installation base of any product of its kind.

Built in compliance with California’s strict environmental standards, it is the only solution for coffee roasters seeking both optimized efficiency and environmental responsibility.

How did the The Smoke Dog get started?

The story behind The Smoke Dog is just as notable as the product itself...

The Background

In late 1990, Barney McKenzie and Peter Boëda had recently opened Bean Around the World, their flagship café in West Vancouver, Canada. Their trademark brew was a specialty dark roast – the first of its kind in the city.

It was an instant hit with customers, but nearby residents were not thrilled with the smoke and odor emissions created by the roast.

Facing a potential shutdown, McKenzie turned to longtime friend Steve Panz, President of Inproheat Industries, for assistance.

Wake Up But Don't Smell the Coffee

Using his experience in combustion and thermal process equipment manufacturing as a starting point, Panz put his ideas into action to develop a product that offered the necessary solution for his friend’s coffee roasting dilemma.

The result was The Smoke Dog, an afterburner built specifically for coffee roasters. Following a simple rooftop installation and activation, The Smoke Dog immediately captured and re-burned the coffee roasting exhaust from Bean Around the World, completely eliminating visible plume and odor.

People Helping People

Inproheat’s innovative solution helped Bean Around the World open more than two dozen additional establishments and the chain recently marked their 25th anniversary of coffee roasting excellence.

The product that helped Barney and Peter at Bean Around World - now known as The Smoke Dog - became the prototype for a new afterburner, specifically designed for coffee roasters.

Coffee roasters around North America like JJ Bean, Pilot Coffee, Herkimer Coffee, Moja Coffee and Caffe Ibis have adopted The Smoke Dog for their own operations with great results.

The story of The Smoke Dog proves how innovation, collaboration, responsibility and efficiency can go hand in hand between companies who connect through a common philosophy. It’s people helping people and it perfectly captures how Inproheat Industries helps roasters like McKenzie and Boëda continue to make great cups of coffee.

The People


Steve Panz of Inproheat Industries with The Smoke Dog.

Peter Boeda and Barney McKenzie of Bean Around the World.

Engineers at Inproheat Industries prepare a Smoke Dog afterburner.

Roasters in action at Bean Around the World.